now it is getting interesting

This morning Ralph Nader announced his candidacy as a 3rd party candidate.

Many Democrats blame Nader for costing them the White House in 2000; Nader (who received 2.7% of the national vote) says that the Democrats are to blame for costing themselves the White House.

Mike Huckabee, apparently agreeing with Democrats, said that Nader’s prior runs for the White House have taken votes from the Democrats “So naturally, Republicans would welcome his entry into the race….” With the Democrats appearing to be able to unite behind whatever candidate gets their nomination, while a different story seems to be seen in Republicans who do not seem quite as cohesive in supporting McCain at this point; this causes me to I wonder who will blame Nader for costing them the White House this time around.

I see Ron Paul, a man who is willing to make some hard statements, as the Republican version of Ralph Nader (I mean that in a positive way.) With that, I wonder if he will make a 3rd party announcement after the Republican convention later this year? With Nader and Paul running as 3rd party candidates, and if the media sources will take them seriously and give them equal time, then this election could be an interesting one!

added thots to this post:
–I wonder how this news will impact my earlier prediction?
–Silouan shares a “Message to Ralph Nader”
(additions posted at 2:43pm on 2/24/08)

2 Responses to “now it is getting interesting”

  1. Vex Says:

    300 million people and we would dare complain about having three candidates for president!
    As far as the democratic party is concerned, immediately start the impeachment process, create a bill to revoke the immoral tax breaks (or create a real tax bill), expose the Katrina aftermath and for God sake put a real healthcare ‘CHANGE’ on the table that will help ALL Americans. After that, Ralph Nader will drop out of the race and support the democratic candidate.
    Democrates please stop crying and do what your supports want and need! Simple……..real simple.

  2. Jimbo Says:

    What a joke! Nader is trying to portray himself as an alternative candidate? We already have – FINALLY – a genuine alternative candidate this year in Barack Obama. He voted against the war; he’s opposed Bush’s disastrous policies. Nader has been trying this ruse for years and years. In the 2004 election, he got only three-tenths of one per cent of the vote. He’s older than McCain (73 years old.)
    I saw Ralph Nader in Washington’s National Airport on Tuesday, February 19, trying to sell copies of his latest book; NOT at a significant bookstore, but behind a folding table in an airport concourse with no one buying it. Could it be that this run is just an attempt to spur sales of the book? Who needs him?!?

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