add this one to my Netflix que

Last week a friend told me about a movie ‘The Monastery: Mr Vig and the Nun.’ After listening to her describe the movie and the people in it to me, it struck me that this is a movie that I want to see.

‘The Monastery’ webpage: here

4 Responses to “add this one to my Netflix que”

  1. mimima Says:

    I heard about it on a Catholic blog, actually, and agree, I’d love to see it as well.

  2. christina Says:

    We just watched it this past weekend. It is excellent. Very funny moments in the movie (as in so funny that my husband was laughing out loud). We rented it from Netflix too. And if you haven’t seen Ostrov (the island) it will be available from Netflix in early March (friends of ours have a copy).

  3. aaron Says:

    Speaking of Ostrov, I’ve heard from a Russian friend that it is “under-translated”, as in the characters say a lot more than the subtitles display. Can anyone confirm this and if we’re missing out on a lot or a little?

  4. aaron Says:

    amazing film!!!

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