what not to give a 4 year old for his birthday

Andrew turned 4 this past Tuesday.

One of the gifts given to him was an inflatable Superman bopper. For those not familiar with the bopper, it is a toy of sorts that has a sand-filled base and a big plastic space which you fill with air and a kid can punch on them. When the bopper gets punched it rocks back and forth.

Well, today as I walked up to the house I noticed a deflated bopper laying next to the trash can. I asked my wife what had happened… apparently Andrew jabbed it with a pencil.

Sounds like the kid is learning some street fighting skills.

For those keeping score:
A Superman Bopper lasts approx 2 days in our home.


3 Responses to “what not to give a 4 year old for his birthday”

  1. libbie Says:

    a very simalar situation happened in our house a year ago. Only it involved an inflatable clown and a seeing if we could jump from the bed onto his back safely. needless to say when Makayla hit the clown it landed under her and her weight sent the thing exploding…..it last one day.

  2. mimima Says:

    Oh, we have had a bopper or two in our day!

    Many Years to Andrew!

  3. Agni Says:

    I asked David what he wanted to get Andrew for his birthday this year. His reply was “A puppy”. I told him that Andrews parents would kill him. His reposnse was, “Makes the knife that I wanted to get him last year not look so bad, huh?” I promise he won’t get a puppy or a knife from us. Not this year anyway 🙂

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