I was considering some different individuals from our era whom many people would like to see formally recognized as Saints by the Church (such as Bl Seraphim (Rose) of Platina –which i look forward to as well.) A part of me wonders if this is because we would like to think that even one of our contemporaries could be recognized as a Saint; that a Saint could arise from the midst of our society. A desire to formally acknowledge that Saints still do walk among us.

I then thought about how we would respond, if they were formally recognized as a Saint– we would ask for their prayers, make pilgrimages to venerate their relics, as well as various other ways that we would seek to honor the individuals of whose life God worked in.

But what about the saints around us? The people whom we walk, talk and interact with on a regular basis.

The same people who make us laugh.
The same people who make us angry.
The same people who we adore.
The same people who we judge.
The saints who we share our daily lives with.

Perhaps it is time that we make a pre-emptive strike…
To honor one another.
To ask the prayers of one another.
To recognize that God is at work in the lives of our brothers and sisters around us.
To treat each other with respect as vessels of the Holy Spirit.

Our society gets distracted by largeness, we the followers of Christ sometimes fall into the same trap– wanting to be associated with the formally recognized Saints, overlooking the saints that are right next to us.

Forgetting to ask their prayers.
Forgetting to respect them.
Forgetting that they are saints.

Another area that I fall short in.

Lord help me.


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