The beauty of this whole blog thing is that a person gets a forum to air their gripes and grievances…


1. Dogs that are overly needy. –That would be our dog. I am not really a dog person, I do not require a dog to follow me aroud the house, watch me put my shoes on, and other daily activities that our dog wants to watch. Just because I seem to be the only person who takes the dog for a walk, and play with him… he thinks we are buddies or something. Actually, I think I am a cat person; the 0.07seconds of daily interaction between the cat and I seem to serve us both just fine.

2. When radio stations follow Queen’s song “We Will Rock You” with “We Are the Champions.” –I like Queen’s music; but the only thing worse than their overplayed song “We Are the Champions” is when it is preceeded by their other overplayed song “We Will Rock You.” Why can’t radio stations play their song “Sheer Heart Attack” instead?

3. When people preface a comment with, “No offense but…” –If you think what you are about to say might offend me, and you don’t want to offend me… don’t say it.

I am sure I will think of other things.
But then, if I can only think of 3 things for right now I must be doing pretty good.


One Response to “bugsme”

  1. libbie Says:

    to the “no offense” peeve i add the “in all do respect”
    i mean seriously is it really respect if you have to tell me it in respect.

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