in the process of weeding out… literally

I could not hold out any longer… despite recent cold (for Spring) temperatures and even a flake of snow dropping here or there I had to get some seeds into the ground of the garden.

The garden has begun. Andrew planted some carrots. Becket planted some radishes. I planted some mache (a type of lettuce), some disco flame marigolds (you gotta love the name.) Along with some Romano garden beans and Nasturtiums.

Still to come are a couple of other types of lettuce, some bell peppers, cherry and yellow pear tomatos, kale, swiss chard, sugar snap peas, and some pumpkins.

So after I finished planting the beans and nasturtiums I look up to see our youngest child running around the front yard in a t-shirt…. just a t-shirt. “Andrew get your pants and underwear on!” I exclaim.

Maybe it is warmer than I think????


One Response to “in the process of weeding out… literally”

  1. eduardoestrelladr Says:

    I hope the garden comes out great!

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