gas cans

I was driving along this afternoon when I saw, sitting on a corner, two large gas cans. Looking at the house they were sitting near, and the fact that it was raining, my guess is that a lawn crew had been mowing but when the rain hit they loaded up their gear and moved on… leaving the gas cans behind.

But then the suspicious side of me wondered… “What if this is an observation exercise? What if someone left those two gas cans sitting there and are sitting nearby to see if someone, due to the current $4 a gallon gas, will try and steal the cans.” Kind of like those exercises when someone leaves a wallet on the street to see if someone will try and find the owner (or something like that.)

Of course later, the more diabolical side of my thinking kicked in….

“What if someone filled the cans with gas and water. Enough gas so that the contents smelled of gas, but enough water to mess up the car engine of the person who stole the gas.” A thought-out, of sorts, pre-emptive revenge towards thieves.

But then the question could to be asked: “What would be the greater evil… a thief or the person who, knowingly, figured out a way to cause greater damage to a thief?”

But then what if the thief (who did not know about the gas water mixture) sold the gas to someone else and the tainted fuel ruined the car engine of an otherwise innocent person?

Perhaps I have too much free time to think on my hands.


5 Responses to “gas cans”

  1. Paula Says:

    You need to watch Corner Gas. It’s a Canadian sitcom, and if you think that much about two cans of gas, you’d get the wacky humour.

    So….did you take the gas cans? Did you sniff them? Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. aka: herman Says:

    No I did not take them, or sniff them…. just thot about the assorted implications of why 2 gas cans were left out on a corner.

    I You Tubed ‘Corner Gas’ –I have only seen the opening scene of an episode, but I think I would like the show. Well, it is either I liked the show or the Steel 2-11 I drank before looking at the You Tube excerpt tainted my better judgement. 🙂

  3. Corner Gas « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] in the process of weeding out « gas cans […]

  4. libbie Says:

    you remind me so much of this moment I had with seeing a large glass of water sitting on the curb near whitman one summer……it took me a whole day to let go of the class of water…drove my husband nuts with all the things i came up with….

  5. layne (herman) Says:

    Actually these two gas cans were right up the street from Whitman.

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