homeless karaoke

I am reminded of a time when my wife and I still lived in Southern California. I would visit the streets of LA outside of the LA Rescue Mission on Sunday nites with a group of people who called themselves ‘Jackets for Jesus.’

Jackets for Jesus would pass out coats, clothes and even food to those who were spending the nite on the street. I learned alot about homelessness. I learned about some of the causes of homelessness from the men and women that I met. One man whom I met over 18 years ago, and have never forgotten, was a man named ‘Wolf.’ I have (somewhere) a picture of Wolf and me together.

I remember a man called ‘Panama’ who lived in a fenced in parking lot across the street from the Rescue Mission. He had a group of people who lived in front of the fenced lot who he kind of watched over, a homeless man watching over other homeless people.

I remember Wolf selling loose cigarettes from a t.v. tray on the street, and my concern that he was making a profit… he assured me that he was.

I remember the excitement I felt one Winter evening when the City of Los Angeles sent school buses to pick up the men and women of the street so that they could spend the nite in a school gym because it was cold out.

I remember how we would end our time on the street in prayer on the sidewalk. One evening during the time of praying one of the men who lived on the street sang ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ It was beautiful… I was in church.

My time visiting the men and women on the streets of LA has always stayed with me.


I encourage you to take 8 minutes and watch the short film called ‘Homeless Karaoke.”

Watch the Online Shorts Festival Jurors’ Award winner: HOMELESS KARAOKE here.

One Response to “homeless karaoke”

  1. libbie Says:

    good video my friend, good indeed.

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