sometimes it is better to NOT know

“Estimated number of bacteria transferred to a dip via ‘double-dipping,’ according to a Clemson University study: 2,750”

Try not to think about this statistic in the midst of your next social gathering.

I wonder if the number goes up if children are involved?

(source: 4/o8 issue of HARPER’S magazine, pg 15)

3 Responses to “sometimes it is better to NOT know”

  1. Albert Says:

    It only goes up if they’ve used part of the corn chip to pick their nose before they re-dip. And, yeah, it’s littering if they decide to throw the chip out the window instead of eating it.

  2. Margi Says:

    Of course it does and then all the adults get sick and the children go right on going 🙂

  3. Mrs H Says:

    OHhhhhhhh Herman…I heard all about this on NPR there was a great interview etc and talk all about double dipping–their guests being those who did the scientific study. It was gross and scary. Ignorance truly is bliss! If I can remember right some dips bred more bacteria than others. A dip more safe than another?

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