This past weekend i had the wonderful opportunity to get away with just my daughter, Tansy (age 12.)

We went to Seattle to visit Robert and Anastasia who have been longtime friends; in fact I was best man in their wedding. They moved to Seattle from Southern California and i had yet to cross the WA-lands to visit them. And so Tansy and i made the journey together to see them.


We arrived in Seattle Friday nite, later than hoped –due to my getting lost because i did not listen to my navigator (Tansy.) But Tansy did seem to enjoy seeing Safeco Field up close.

Saturday we went to the Fremont district to visit the Fremont Troll at Tansy’s request. We enjoyed a sunny and warm day in which we wandered the streets of Fremont district and then the Ballard area, including a visit to Robert’s office, where Tansy conducting a uber-quick session for her Godfather; helping him with fingernail biting.

We later went out for pizza and then a visit to the Seattle Center area. At the Seattle Center we especially enjoyed watching the International Fountain.

Saturday nite Tansy spent some time with Anastasia, and Robert and i went to the Sunset Tavern where we saw Levi Fuller and Neil Halsted of Mojave 3 play.

Previously i had never heard of Neil Halsted or Mojave 3; this experience has changed that. Some of Neil Halsted’s acoustic set reminded me of Belle and Sebastian.

If Neil Halsted comes to your town, i recommend it.

Here is a video of Neil Halsted with Mojave 3:

Sunday morning we made the trip to Pike’s Place Market where we stopped in at Left Bank Books, watched the flying fish and later enjoyed some tasty food at Sabra Mediterranean.

The rain fell while we were at Pike’s Place Market and so i felt that our Seattle experience was complete.

We left Seattle after we returned to Rob and Stacie’s from Pike’s Place on Sunday afternoon –our trip was a quick jaunt prior to the start of another school year for Tansy.

On the way home Tansy told me that i have “good taste in friends.” i think that constitutes approval in 12 year old verbage.

It was great to spend time with Tansy. A time with just her and me. A time to laugh together, to share and to create some memories that are just ours.


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