confession of an anti-dog dog owner

i have been pretty honest about the fact that i am not much of a dog person, even though we have a family dog.

Here is the deal –our dog, Ashur, thinks i like him because i walk him and spend the most interactive time with him. i do this because i think it is important that a dog exercises and lives a healthy life.

Today the dog and i crossed another milestone… i purchased for Ashur a folding dog water bowl.

This purchase came about because this past summer i noticed that our dog did not like drinking out of cups or my makeshift ‘hand-bowl’ when walking Ashur. So i made a stop at PetCo this afternoon to get him a collapsible water bowl that i can take on walks with us, allowing me to give him water when we are away from the house.

I admit it, slowly i am breaking weak on my whole reality as the anti-dog dog owner.


One Response to “confession of an anti-dog dog owner”

  1. belladonna Says:

    Ever since we moved to the farm I’ve been taking Morgan dog with me when out go out on bike rides through the wheat fields. She loves to be able to run free with no leash.

    I’ve not been in to Petco yet…I may have to go check it out.

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