yeah right

Here is the deal…. It was the Fall of 1981, i was taking classes at Long Beach Community College. i was not a fan of Hessian music (i.e. Heavy Metal) but there was one album that made it through the radar– ‘Hit and Run’ by Girlschool.

My friend Jim A. introduced me to this album; and while i am not a betting man i think there might still be a copy of the album in my collection in the basement. Friends might be surprised to learn that i like this album. My favorite song on the record was “Yeah Right” i especially liked the lone guitar riff right that followed the Mom’s discourse to the girls.

And yes, i will acknowledge that bands like Girlschool walked through the door that all girl rock groups like The Runaways opened.

This one is for you Jim… where ever you are (turn it up!)


One Response to “yeah right”

  1. Sophocles Says:

    Papa Herman,

    I’ve never heard of this band but I really liked this song. Is the rest of the album like this? If so, to my taste I would consider it Punk and not Metal.

    Again, I know nothing of this band, so did they consider themselves Metal?

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