nombre el color

‘Hopsack,’ ‘Hot Chocolate Milk’ or ‘Baby Poop?’ What colour paint would you like to have painted on the outside of your house for all of your neighbors to see?

Having a hard time choosing? That’s okay, because they are all the same colour.

How can that be?

“Hopsack” is the official name of one of the colours of paint that we are using to paint our house. Our son Andrew (age 4,) upon seeing the colour refered to it as “hot chocolate milk;” my Wife shared that when the paint is on her shirt it looks like “baby poop.” Three different names for the same colour of paint.

Another colour we are using on our house is a sandy light brown colour; but a quick reading of the paint swatch will tell you that it is actually ‘desert nomadic.’ ‘Desert nomadic,’ I like the sound of it… it appeals to the inner lethargic adventurer inside of me; I can almost imagine the Bedouinesque adventures I am having as I lay on my couch. And i don’t even have to leave Walla Walla.

Thinking about the names of the different colours of paint that we are using on our house reminded me of one of the jobs i think it could be kind of fun to have… To be the person who gets to name paint colours…

It could be fun to be the guy who gets to look at a particular hue and give it a name… a name for whatever reason that appeals to me. Looking at this green or that green, greens with only a smidgen of difference between them, and be the guy that gets to get all creative and give them each a name.

According to Daniel Harris in his article, ‘Paint and Paint Names,’ “the Inter-Society Color Council recognizes only 267 colors…. Pittsburgh Paint currently offers 1,800 colors and Benjamin Moore no less than 2,000….” Wow, that paint-namer person (i wonder what their official job title is) is one busy individual.

Who are these people who name paint colours for a living?
What are the job requirements for this job?
Or does a paint company representative just take paint swatches to a nearby preschool and tap into the kids creativity; after all those preschoolers can be real outside-of-the-box types of thinkers.

i don’t have the answers to these questions.
Until i do find the answer i can continue to look at paint swatches and wonder…. Or i can just forget the whole idea and play PAINT GAME.


One Response to “nombre el color”

  1. juliana Says:

    That paint game is addicting! I keep getting 5 out of 10, I guess I wouldn’t be getting a raise anytime soon as the “paint namer guy”

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