Guardian Angel

Silouan shares a prayer to your Guardian Angel, along with an article written by Fr. Stephen Freeman: here.

i must admit, i found the 4 year old prayer that was shared in the article amusing:

Dear St. Michael, guard my room.
Don’t let anything eat me or kill me.
Kill it with your sword. Kill it with your sword. Amen.


2 Responses to “Guardian Angel”

  1. Amrah Says:

    Man, I’m going to ask if I can add this prayer to my prayer rule…

  2. layne (herman) Says:

    i think perhaps Andrew’s prayer would be something like:

    Please keep me from drawing on my face with a marker.
    Please keep me from accidently kicking over the bucket of paint by the front door.
    Please keep me from leaving my sippy cups all over the living room.
    Please keep me from getting in trouble at Church so that i don’t have to be taken downstairs or outside.

    Or maybe that would just be my prayer for him.

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