I learned today that my ten year old son is currently campaigning for the office of President for Ms. Herriot-Grant’s 5th Grade Class. This causes me to wonder that if he were to be elected to this lower level post, would it give him experience to be a viable Presidential candidate in 25 years?

Although I am not sure what the exact responsibilities of Ms. Herriot-Grant’s 5th Grade Class President are (but I am sure it is like being a Governor of a State or a senator… but on a much smaller scale) Here are some of his Federal Presidential “qualifications” as observed by me, his Dad:

Understanding of Legislative and Judicial powers: He is aware that his sister and brother advocate for rules and policy in the family; sometimes this is done via running into the house screaming and crying. But he also knows that Mom and Dad make and define the rules (okay so this gives us -the parents- overall Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers as needed.) But as a child he has also seen/experienced the veto power in action.

Interstate and Foreign policy: Walla Walla is approx 3 miles from the Oregon border, about 100 miles from Idaho, and about 350 miles from the Canadian border.
He has skateboarded in Irrigon, Oregon.
He has camped in Idaho.
And I am pretty sure that he knows that Canada is North of us.

Financial: Okay, this is not his strong suit… he tends to want to spend his money on WWF dvd’s.

Military: But due to his extensive WWF watching, he may be able to offer some new ideas in military conflict. I would not be surprised to see him propose the “winner takes all ladder match” for deciding who wins a conflict. It would save many lives and cost much less than our current system. And it would probably pay for itself via Pay-per-view coverage.

Diplomacy: He has an older sister and a younger brother and he is still alive. Need I say more.

Campaign costs: Currently two home-made signs are nailed to the tree in our front yard. All the materials are from things he found around the house. Of course his demographic study needs improvement as I am pretty sure that a large number of students from Ms. Herriot-Grant’s 5th Grade class do not pass our house. On the other hand a truck did slow down to read his sign today; as the truck drove away a tool box dropped out of the back of the truck and onto the street in front of our house.

Now I am not saying that my son should be the President of our country –actually I would be scared if he was because his first Executive decision might be to put me in a home. But if in 25 years he decides to toss his hat into the Presidential ring, be aware that he has had some experiences from his childhood which could be worth noting.

In the meantime, I have noticed that many people are trying to decide if any of our current Presidential (and Vice Presidential) candidates have the experience to lead our country. Perhaps we are not looking early enough at their experience history; maybe we need to look beyond their “official” government experience to see what they learned as a kid. Maybe instead of having the candidates themselves debate, we should have their grade school teachers or babysitters debate on their behalf… it could be interesting.


5 Responses to “qualified?”

  1. Judy Says:

    I think this young man would be outstanding as Pres. of his 5th grade. He definitely is probably the cutest of all other prospects for that important office. He is alot smarter than some of the contenders I am sure. He would get my vote (s).

    An unbiased observer

  2. Craig Wilhelm Says:

    Knowing your son I would be proud to cast several votes for him. I am concerned about his running mate however. I do not want to see photoshoped pictures of either his sister or his grandmother appearing in my email. That would be the only thing that would question his ability to lead. On the other hand he does have age going for him, and while his parents may be senile, he isn’t.

  3. Mike Says:

    He’s got my vote in 30 years…he probably learned all he needed to know in kindergarten. By the way, we should send bank CEOs, bank board members (the group that should be getting some serious shit since CEOs work for the board), and, of course, every stinking politician back to kindergarten for a refresher…

  4. Grandma Says:

    You must be taking after your Grandpa, he was president of his senior class. Just be as good at the job ,should you win, as you look and you’ll go a long way.

  5. juliana-Kimi Says:

    Running mate??? My guess would be his younger brother as running mate. He already has a future in politics….getting “kicked” out of pre-school….throwing tantrums that could bring down the walls of Jericho….fighting for his right to anything he thinks he deserves-be it good bad or indifferent…..yet charming the masses with his good looks and sly smile. I wonder not only what the future holds for these aspiring politicians but what the future holds for their parents as well, Oh Lord, take me now

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