is that the sound of Bono crying in the corner?

I keep waiting for this to turn into a Saturday Night Live sketch… but no such luck.


5 Responses to “is that the sound of Bono crying in the corner?”

  1. juliana Says:

    I’m speechless, surely this is Michael and Dwight from “The Office” I don’t know if I should cry because I have a B of A card or because they desacrated the song. Wait I feel a tear running down my cheek…..

  2. aaron Says:

    Die! Die! Corporate mega profit b*%#hes!

  3. aaron Says:

    ok, perhaps that was a bit of an over reaction…but i really did throw up in my mouth a little.

  4. John Caldwell Says:

    Oh my goodness. I don’t know what’s worse… a) that someone sat down and wrote this, b) that this guy sang it or c) that he got a standing ovation. wow, I need to put on “Under A Blood Red Sky” and have a stiff drink.

  5. libbie Says:

    sometimes I have to stand on the fence between funny and just plain wrong and wonder which way to jump but luckily this is one of those times this is just plain wrong if Bono isn’t crying he should be…..I know I am.

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