I have been riding my bike to work lately.

As the days get colder I have become slightly concerned about icy roads at 5 in the morning; I have these mental images of me wiping out as I round a corner in the dark of the morning, showing up to work all bashed up and stuff… I am not too excited about that idea.

With this possibility in mind I have started walking, timing myself, to see how long it would take me to walk from my house to work.

A guy has to look at his options.

As I was driving home from the library late this afternoon I saw a younger man that I have met previously riding a 3-wheeled bicycle down the road. Hmmm, a three wheeled bicycle would keep me from wiping out.

Do they make an 18 speed three wheeled bike?

A three wheeled bike? Is this really an option worth considering???

5 Responses to “option?”

  1. Peter Gardner Says:

    I’ve seen a 192-speed tricycle, which is probably Very Excessive.

    From what I understand, the most delightful human powered vehicle to ride is a recumbent tricycle (my experience is limited to test rides at the bike shop, but seems to back this up). See http://www.sheldonbrown.com/org/greenspeed/, and for terminology, http://dclxvi.org/chunk/tech/trike/index.html

  2. Laura Says:

    I don’t know about gears on a three wheeled bike, but here is a website that has a lot of options. I’ve been biking for exercise every morning in the hopes of eventually being able to do some errands with the bike..


  3. Laura Says:

    I couldn’t resist looking around myself…this one has 21 speeds. Who’d a thunk it?


  4. layne (herman) Says:

    192 speed tricycle!!!
    Excessive? Perhaps, but I sure would like to give it a try.

    I wonder if I could pass cars with a 192 speed tricycle???

    When it comes to a three wheeled bike, I would like to go with the ‘old school’ style. Like these: http://www.industrialbicycles.com/adaptable.htm
    Fast and efficent… probably not so much, but more my style– does that mean my style is Retired Boca Rotan Senior Citizen?

    My wife thinks that I should get one of the Ice Cream Bikes: http://www.industrialbicycles.com/v-its.htm

    But if I got one of the Delivery types, then I could do deliveries on my way home from work and supplement my income: http://www.industrialbicycles.com/super%20delivery%20cart.htm

    (Laura thanks for the link)

  5. snow and bikes « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] I have written a couple of posts about my becoming a bicycle commuter. You can read them here, here and […]

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