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November 29, 2008

Last nite my wife asked me to get a marker for our 4 year old son.
(Haven’t we been down this road before?? You know, the road that involves a marker in the evening….)
But I went to the closet where we keep the markers and paper with him.

I pull out a marker, “I want a brown one” he tells me.
So I find him a brown one.
“No, a black one.”
I find him a black marker and give it to him.

Satisfied he runs off.

fast forward to this morning

I wake up.
My wife greets me with these words: “You know what Andrew did with that marker you gave him last nite.”
(Me? I just did what you asked me to do. Now ‘whatever he did’ is my doing??)
“Drew all over himself with it.” I calmly answered, still from bed.
(Like I shared already, I have been down this road before.)
“Yes.” My wife answered
“At least he didn’t draw on the walls of his bedroom” I thot to myself.

When I finally got a chance to see Andrew he did not look as bad as he had on a previous ‘draw on himself’ occassion.
This time, if we can’t get all of the marker off, I think we can cover the face marking with his hair.
The hand markings I do not care so much about.
I guess with child number three my tolerance has improved.

Perhaps all of his ‘creativity’ will serve him well some day.


Thanksgiving morning

November 29, 2008

While driving to work at 5am on Thanksgiving morning I saw flashing red lights down the street, I decided to drive to work that way to see what was going on.

As I approached the flashing lights I saw that they were lights from fire trucks and amublances. They were at an early morning house fire.

Although I do not personally know the people who lived in the house, I know who they are because my son had gone to Homelink a couple of years back with their middle boy. Thier family is a lot like my family, age wise.

As I drove away I said a prayer for the people who lived in that house.

As I drove away I thot about my own family.

I later learned that the family was out of town at the time of the fire, and that, although their house suffered extensive damage and a pet was killed, they are all okay.

my continuing bike journey

November 11, 2008

I am getting more into this idea of riding my bike each day.

Sure, it would only take doing a couple of overtimes to pay for the repairs needed to get my car up and running again… but I feel like if I could make it through the Winter riding a bike, that I can ride it anytime.

Winter in Walla Walla can be a mixture of elements…. Fog or cold or rain or cold rain or sleet or snow or foggy snow or ice or chinook winds or…. you get the picture.

In regards to weather, rain is a concern of mine since I currently lack the needed foul weather gear– but I am getting that issue taken care of. But my biggest concerns are the icy, sleet and snow.

Last Sunday I spoke to Jesse who does alot of bike riding about fenders and about studded bike tires for those icy roads. Jesse is an advocate of the studded bike tires, he told me that they work rather well. Jesse also shared that his biggest concern are cars; this is because of cars lack of control on ice and snow.

I am getting rather enthused about this whole all-season bike thing.

I will still do a couple of overtimes and get my car fixed, to not do so would be poor stewardship in regards to the car. And just because it is running, does not mean that I cannot still ride my bike–although I know if I have a car option on those snowy cold days the choice to ride will be a hard one to make.

To be continued….

ps: Congratulations to (the above mentioned) Jesse who will be Ordained to the Diaconate this coming Sunday at St. Silouan’s Orthodox Church.

sometimes when you least expect it….

November 8, 2008

Previously I shared about a road-trip that Tansy and I took together to Seattle to visit friends.

During that visit I experienced a wonderful musical surprise, I went out with my friend Robert to hear Neil Halsted play.

Until that evening I had never heard of Neil Halsted or of the band ‘Slowdive’ that he was in; or of the band ‘Mojave 3’ that he is a part of… Robert was a fan and he took me to see Neil play at the Sunset Tavern.

I was hooked.

Plus, the guy has a beard… so you know he has to be allright.

Here is a video of Neil Halsted and his song ‘Paint a Face’

Or online at


November 1, 2008

Last nite our son Andrew (4) got his first real taste of the Trick or Treating thing. Dressed as Spiderman he left the house with my dear Wife and company to hit the streets begging for candy.

He got a pretty good haul.
Of which I have not taken any of his candy… yet.

This morning he held up two suckers in front of me: “Daddy do you want this one (a berry looking sucker) or this one (a root beer one.)” Always the fan of root beer I pointed at the root beer one asking, “Can I have this one?”

“No, you can have this one” as he handed me the berry sucker.

“Thank you” I replied (because I am trying to teach him manners.)

“Your welcome” he said as he walked away… with the sucker that I wanted.

Okay so he still has some learning to do regarding how the whole ‘if you offer a person something’ thing works, but at least he is sharing.

free stuff

November 1, 2008

I saw one of the online poll-advertisements things… the type where they have something they will give you if you answer their question.

This particular one asked “Are you going to vote for John McCain” and had a YES box and a NO box. And for particpating by voting you get a free ‘John McCain for President’ t-shirt.

If I were to respond to their poll voting “no,” would they still send me the free shirt??

just because Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are friends, it doesn’t mean that….

November 1, 2008

caution: the following post concerns bodily functions, if that sort of stuff grosses you out I encourge you to not read any further. this post reflects the reality of how we roll at ‘casa de herman’ from time to time. you have been warned.

I have to tell you a story from this morning… and considering that it is only 7:28am you can tell things are hitting the ground running at the ‘Casa de Herman’ abode.

Soooooo Andrew (age 4) had to go the bathroom, since our family bathroom was occupied and he was exhibiting signs that quick action might be advisable I told him to use the bathroom in our bedroom. After a few minutes of his being behind closed door I asked him what he was doing. “Going poop.” was his honest answer. Of course being of a similar bowel constitution I told him to hurry up because I needed to use the bathroom too.

When he was all finished he asked if he needed to flush the toilet. Since I didn’t see the need to waste water (even though it was waste water) and I was about to use the toilet myself after which the toilet would be flushed; I told him that he did not need to flush the toilet.

Seemingly satisfied okay with my answer, he walked out of the bathroom.

As he was leaving the room, apparently aware of the early morning bodily functions that were going on and what I had just shared with him regarding my own need; he stopped and said to me “Daddy, your poop and my poop are going to be friends.”


Sometimes I wonder how this kid’s mind works.
Although I must admit that it does amuse me.