just because Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are friends, it doesn’t mean that….

caution: the following post concerns bodily functions, if that sort of stuff grosses you out I encourge you to not read any further. this post reflects the reality of how we roll at ‘casa de herman’ from time to time. you have been warned.

I have to tell you a story from this morning… and considering that it is only 7:28am you can tell things are hitting the ground running at the ‘Casa de Herman’ abode.

Soooooo Andrew (age 4) had to go the bathroom, since our family bathroom was occupied and he was exhibiting signs that quick action might be advisable I told him to use the bathroom in our bedroom. After a few minutes of his being behind closed door I asked him what he was doing. “Going poop.” was his honest answer. Of course being of a similar bowel constitution I told him to hurry up because I needed to use the bathroom too.

When he was all finished he asked if he needed to flush the toilet. Since I didn’t see the need to waste water (even though it was waste water) and I was about to use the toilet myself after which the toilet would be flushed; I told him that he did not need to flush the toilet.

Seemingly satisfied okay with my answer, he walked out of the bathroom.

As he was leaving the room, apparently aware of the early morning bodily functions that were going on and what I had just shared with him regarding my own need; he stopped and said to me “Daddy, your poop and my poop are going to be friends.”


Sometimes I wonder how this kid’s mind works.
Although I must admit that it does amuse me.

One Response to “just because Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are friends, it doesn’t mean that….”

  1. libbie Says:

    My kids fascination with poop is amazing to me. We have books that talk about how poop is made..we have books that tell us how everyone poops, we have books that talk about why our poop smell and it seems that if we come across a book that even has the word poop in it we need to own it…..but they have never offered to make friends with it.

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