Last nite our son Andrew (4) got his first real taste of the Trick or Treating thing. Dressed as Spiderman he left the house with my dear Wife and company to hit the streets begging for candy.

He got a pretty good haul.
Of which I have not taken any of his candy… yet.

This morning he held up two suckers in front of me: “Daddy do you want this one (a berry looking sucker) or this one (a root beer one.)” Always the fan of root beer I pointed at the root beer one asking, “Can I have this one?”

“No, you can have this one” as he handed me the berry sucker.

“Thank you” I replied (because I am trying to teach him manners.)

“Your welcome” he said as he walked away… with the sucker that I wanted.

Okay so he still has some learning to do regarding how the whole ‘if you offer a person something’ thing works, but at least he is sharing.

3 Responses to “sharing”

  1. libbie Says:

    I am always amazed how children learn manners because it is the simplest of things you would never think to point out that end up being the most important I would say learning to not offer something you are willing to give up is one of those “Oh yeah i should teach them this.” moments…..I’m still working on teaching my children this so when you figure it out let me know.

  2. David Says:

    Now you know how he rolls so you can just choose the berry sucker next time.

  3. RC of strangeculture Says:

    That’s a pretty funny anecdote…That certainly was nice of him to offer šŸ™‚

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