sometimes when you least expect it….

Previously I shared about a road-trip that Tansy and I took together to Seattle to visit friends.

During that visit I experienced a wonderful musical surprise, I went out with my friend Robert to hear Neil Halsted play.

Until that evening I had never heard of Neil Halsted or of the band ‘Slowdive’ that he was in; or of the band ‘Mojave 3’ that he is a part of… Robert was a fan and he took me to see Neil play at the Sunset Tavern.

I was hooked.

Plus, the guy has a beard… so you know he has to be allright.

Here is a video of Neil Halsted and his song ‘Paint a Face’

Or online at


2 Responses to “sometimes when you least expect it….”

  1. victoria Says:

    wow. I love it. thank you for this.
    Seattle has the best music scene.
    I live three hours away though, and north of the 49th,
    plus I’m in my 30s, so have sworn off the concert pilgrimage. 🙂
    ah well. thank the powers that be for blogs and youtube.

  2. aaron Says:

    uhhh…does he live in Seattle now?? I’ve been listening to him since he was in Slowdive, somehow as young fool I managed to make the transition to Mojave 3. Artists with longevity = awesome

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