my continuing bike journey

I am getting more into this idea of riding my bike each day.

Sure, it would only take doing a couple of overtimes to pay for the repairs needed to get my car up and running again… but I feel like if I could make it through the Winter riding a bike, that I can ride it anytime.

Winter in Walla Walla can be a mixture of elements…. Fog or cold or rain or cold rain or sleet or snow or foggy snow or ice or chinook winds or…. you get the picture.

In regards to weather, rain is a concern of mine since I currently lack the needed foul weather gear– but I am getting that issue taken care of. But my biggest concerns are the icy, sleet and snow.

Last Sunday I spoke to Jesse who does alot of bike riding about fenders and about studded bike tires for those icy roads. Jesse is an advocate of the studded bike tires, he told me that they work rather well. Jesse also shared that his biggest concern are cars; this is because of cars lack of control on ice and snow.

I am getting rather enthused about this whole all-season bike thing.

I will still do a couple of overtimes and get my car fixed, to not do so would be poor stewardship in regards to the car. And just because it is running, does not mean that I cannot still ride my bike–although I know if I have a car option on those snowy cold days the choice to ride will be a hard one to make.

To be continued….

ps: Congratulations to (the above mentioned) Jesse who will be Ordained to the Diaconate this coming Sunday at St. Silouan’s Orthodox Church.

4 Responses to “my continuing bike journey”

  1. victoria Says:

    I wish I lived close enough to my work to bike.
    One of our priests regularly rides his bike to work, and has done so for many years. (He’s a teacher in his work-a-day job)

  2. Peter Gardner Says:

    Just don’t do what I did, which is to try to make my own studded bike tires, by putting screws through an old tire. While it did kind of work, I neglected to put anything between the inner tube and the tire, and the screw heads made dozens of little punctures.

    Sleet isn’t too bad (though ice buildups on the road can be tricky), and snow is easy. At least solid precipitation stays put, and with snow, if it’s deep enough on the ground to pose a problem, you can’t get going fast enough to hurt yourself anyway. It’s cold rain that’s the worst. The best I’ve managed to do is to wrap plastic garbage bags around my legs, wear dishwashing gloves over my warm gloves, and cover the rest of me with a poncho. Unfortunately, much of the time, I could walk to wherever I’m going in the time it takes to get fully vested, bike, and divest. So I always hope for a very cold winter with a very rapid (or dry) onset.

    If you haven’t found it already, you might like

  3. Anna Harrington (Mrs H) Says:

    Herman. I just saw your bike post and thought of this girl I met this summer. She used to work at the Verve. Anyway she is a Whitman Cyclist (found this out later) she just commented on how she liked to see moms pushing joggers (I had the double jogger going with both kids in it) She is a huge advocate for just plain biking around for everything. She actually moved her apartment on her bike—well you know what I mean..moved to a different apartment hauling everything by bike. She has one of those great things called and Xtracycle…check out her blog she’s been trying to raise awareness about safety for bicyclists in WW …has been at the farmers market. She even gave free classes in the park for anyone on how to fix a flat and some other things. Super enthusiastic gal and I loved reading her blog. Here ya go


  4. snow and bikes « in the process of weeding out Says:

    […] snow and bikes By layne I have written a couple of posts about my becoming a bicycle commuter. You can read them here, here and here. […]

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