Thanksgiving morning

While driving to work at 5am on Thanksgiving morning I saw flashing red lights down the street, I decided to drive to work that way to see what was going on.

As I approached the flashing lights I saw that they were lights from fire trucks and amublances. They were at an early morning house fire.

Although I do not personally know the people who lived in the house, I know who they are because my son had gone to Homelink a couple of years back with their middle boy. Thier family is a lot like my family, age wise.

As I drove away I said a prayer for the people who lived in that house.

As I drove away I thot about my own family.

I later learned that the family was out of town at the time of the fire, and that, although their house suffered extensive damage and a pet was killed, they are all okay.


One Response to “Thanksgiving morning”

  1. Rika Says:

    Sheesh. I was thinking it was because of deep-frying a turkey. Oh, and while riding past it, I almost got hit by a car that was watching all the firemen, who were in turn watching me. Not a very good Thanksgiving, but at least no human was hurt.

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