Memory Eternal

When our family first started attending St. Silouan’s Orthodox Church in Walla Walla we were meeting in a family room that was converted into an Orthodox Chapel, complete with Iconostasis.

Our son, Becket, was 2 years old. There was a man who took an interest in our little one, his name was Chuck (Irenaeus.) As our family approached baptism we asked Chuck to be Becket’s Godfather.

It was on this day, December 3, a couple of years back that after a struggle with an illness our dear friend Chuck reposed.

I will never forget being at the Vesper’s Service on the Eve of the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple, it was during this Service that we learned of Chuck’s death. I remember hearing our Priest, Father Seraphim, say with tear’s in his voice Chuck’s Christian name “Irenaeus” in the prayers of those who reposed. It was then that we learned that Chuck had left us.

It was at Chuck’s funeral that I realized more about the role of a Godparent. A Godparent is a ‘compadre’… a co-parent who can offer insight into a child. A Godparent can touch the life of a child. As our kids grow and they go through those times of rebellion a Godparent can be there to offer guidance when the child will not listen to their own parents.

With Chuck’s death I know that he is still keeping an eye on his Godson.
I know that Becket has the intercessions of his Godfather, Chuck.

May his Memory be Eternal!!!


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  1. Rika Says:

    Thank you.

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