One of the things I find interesting, in a casual yet catching-my-attention-sort-of-way, are those graphs/maps that show changes between then and now.

Maybe one reason that I like them is that they are like a snapshot, which does not require a whole lot of reading to get to the idea being expressed.
Like this statistic map here:

I am aware that whoever can sometimes tweak statistics to reflect what they want it to say. Sometimes they can’t; sometimes the statistic is different than what the presenter had hoped the end result would be.


Some of the statistics from the map that caught my attention, for various reasons, include:

Hours of TV viewed per person (12+) per year-
2000: 1502 2007: 1704

That really is not much of a change.

Hours of video games played per person (12+) per year-
2000: 65 2007: 80

That is really not much of a change either, especially considering the number of people I know who play various video games.

Street price of a pure gram of meth-
2000: $179.87 2007: $365.0

This surprised me, mostly because I always assumed that meth was a “cheap” drug. Perhaps this statistic is an indication as to why the selling of meth seems so prevalent.

Street price of a pure gram of cocaine-
2000: $161.28 2007: $166.90

This one surprised me as well. I would have thot the value of cocaine would be much higher. When in fact the cost is not much different now as it was in 2000.

School groups visiting NSA’s Cryptologic Museum
2000: 65 2007: 134

I wonder if the Smithsonian or the Simon Wiesenthal Center saw a significant jump in numbers.

Hate groups operating in the U.S.-
2000: 602 2007: 888

Sad. Unfortunately with the current concerns and fears about such things as our economy, “terrorism” and etc, hate groups created out of fear will only increase.

National violent crime rate (per 100,000)-
2000: 506.5 2007: 466.9

But unfortunately, even with this slight decline in violent crime we still see…
Inmates in custody-
2000: 1.9 million 2007: 2.3 million

And one final statistic… a positive one, in my opinion
Total cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S.-
2000: 1,901,049 2007: 1,837,118

A decline!!! Yes!!

You can look at the whole map here.
The sources of these statistics can be found here.


One Response to “statistics”

  1. aaron Says:

    the price of coke adjusted for inflation would be less today, right?? I guess coke just isn’t as cool as it used to be. Sorry Crockett and Tubbs.

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