statistics– pt 2wo

My friend, Mike, shared a link with me that shows a list of States ranking the percentage of Orthodox Christians in that State, the numbers were as of 2000.

Some of the results include:

1 Alaska 3.4%
2 Massachusetts 1.2%
7 New York 0.6%
8 Connecticut 0.6%
13 Maryland 0.4%
13 California 0.4%
21 Nevada 0.2%
23 Oregon 0.2%
25 Washington 0.1%
32 Idaho 0.1%

I just shared the number ranking and percentage of a few States; the actual site also shares the number of adherents too. Check out the full list here.

Thanks Mike.

2 Responses to “statistics– pt 2wo”

  1. mikewen Says:

    …certainly. Since you’re on a stats theme, the Harper’s Index is another place that is always fun to check out:

  2. Belladonna Says:

    Proof once again that statistics are like a bikini – what they reveal is interesting but what they cover up is crucial.

    Looking at PERCENTAGES we’d assume there are a whole heck of a lot of Orthodox Christians in Alaska. But when you look at the raw numbers you see the number for Alaska is far fewer than states with half as high a percentage…simply because Alaska doens’t have all that high a population base.

    Still, interesting info. What I would find even more so would be similar charts at 10 yr intervals to see where the faith is growing the fastest, where it may be dwindingling. Another thing that can be intriguing is to compare rates of various religions with economic data for the same area. I saw a chart recently that ranked a dozen or so different religions in order of social class – with upper class clustering around Episcopalian and lower class clustering around Jehovah Witness. Wonder what that is all about?

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