people in order

The concept of this short video is simple– show people, in order, from ages 1 to 100 with a drum.

It was interesting to watch the film, wondering if the individual was typical of the particular age…. For instance, I found the four year old to be a pretty accurate portrayal of our four year old. But on the other hand… I turn forty-six years old next month and I hope that the man shown is not preview of my next year. Fifty-nine looks like it will be interesting.

It also seemed to me that the older the people got, the more alive they became: “I’m ninety-one and playing the drums.”

2 Responses to “people in order”

  1. Catastrophysicist Says:

    Cool video, thanks for sharing. . . my age, 28, seemed to be doing OK!

  2. Paula Says:

    91 and playing the drum! She was my favorite!!!

    That was a sweet little film, great concept.

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