the daily show

John Steward and his program: The Daily Show.
If I had to say why I like his program it would be:
1) I remember back in the day when John Stewart was just a guy doing stuff on MTV (I think he hosted a game show.)
2) With the Daily Show it seems that he is willing to lay it out there, letting the viewer decide what they want to do with it. Like how he would show the inconsistencies of Leaders and politicians– funny stuff.

With our new President it appears that he continues this course of action….

See what I mean: here.

Do the same people who thought it was funny when he would do this to President Bush still think it is funny now?


3 Responses to “the daily show”

  1. libbie Says:

    I love the Daily Show for this exact reason.
    I have often asked and I shall continue to ask…..How long before we start seeing the bumper stickers that read “don’t blame me I voted for the other guy.” start showing up again?

  2. layne(herman) Says:

    I remember one time I tweaked my bumpersticker so that it would honestly admit: “Blame me, I voted Republican.”

  3. Amrah Says:

    Thanks for sharing, that was awesome. It’s good to know that those of you with television can keep up with this stuff for me. Whew. Now I know what I’m missing. Oh wait. Doesn’t matter right? I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

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