i am a mess but God loves me

The people around me know that more often than not my dog, Ashur, drives me nuts. It is not that Ashur does anything that he shouldn’t… he is pretty much a normal dog. Actually he is pretty much a good dog that is great for my kids and barks at the right times. I think it is me– I am a guy with a dog that loves me, but I am not much of a dog person.

But we co-exist. Usually with me being a bit peeved because he didn’t poop in the right place in the yard or because he ate Andrew’s sandwich which he left on the floor or because he is always in my space. But because I want to be a good pet owner, I try to be aware of Ashur’s assorted needs.

And occassionaly through no effort of his own, Ashur teaches me something.

Today Ashur taught me something about me… more specifically about God and me.

It dawned on me that Ashur probably understands and knows me about as much as I understand God (truth be told, he probably understands me better than I understand and know God.)

As I realize how little I know and understand God, I acknowledge how much in the midst of my lack I depend on His mercy towards me… His patience towards me… His love towards me.

Just as Ashur will never be a perfect dog, I will never fully be the man God wanted me to be on this side of Heaven–but I try. And as I try all I can fall on is God’s mercy, patience and love towards me.

Aware that without God’s mercy, patience and love it I have no hope to press on.

2 Responses to “i am a mess but God loves me”

  1. David Says:

    “My dog,” Abba Isidoros once said, “is in a more advantageous position than I; for, he has love and he does not have to give a defense for his deeds.”

    Lucky Dogs.

    Dogs Rule! Ashur is going to make you a dog person yet.
    What does a cat have to offer? Self reliance? the privilage of ownership?

    what is cat spelled backwards? tac, nope not even a word.

    Ok I would have a cat also if I were not allergic to them and i’m sure they must have some benefit.

    uhm as to the serious stuff… and let us say for ourselves:
    Lord have mercy
    Lord have mercy
    Lord have mercy

  2. mikewen Says:

    I don’t know…I think animals are by definition perfect…I mean, they are what they are and they do what they do. They spend each day living out their instincts without all the garbage and second guessing that messes up most humans that I know.

    Cats are nice, too. I don’t like horses, but that’s just me.

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