Relics of St. Benedict discovered in British Museum


This coming Friday- mar 27 (mar 14 on the Church calendar) St. Benedict of Nursia is commemorated.

Due to my own appreciation of St. Benedict and the closeness of St. Benedict’s Feast Day, an article from the Irish Times caught my eye.

According to the Irish Times article, the relics of St. Benedict along with 38 others were found in a bundle of cloth in a German 12th Century wooden altar at the British Museum; prior to the altar going on display at the museum.

The relics, packed in tiny bundles of cloth, including one scrap of fabric more than 1,000 years old, were found when a 12th-century German portable altar was opened for the first time since it came into the British Museum collection in 1902.

It was in for a condition check and cleaning before going on display…. But to the amazement of James Robinson, curator of medieval antiquities, when it was opened a linen cloth was revealed, and inside it dozens of tiny bundles of cloth, each neatly labelled on little pieces of vellum.

The article continues:

The most precious was the relic of St Benedict, an Italian who in the early 6th century was credited as the father of the western monastic tradition, founding monasteries and establishing guiding principles still followed at many monasteries. The relic was wrapped in cloth which was itself an extraordinary object, a piece of silk from 8th- or 9th-century Byzantium.

–Read the entire Irish Times article, online: here.
–Read more about St. Benedict of Nursia here.

–Props to The Permanent Things and Clerical Whispers.


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