let the (garden) games begin

Even though I woke to snow laying lightly on the ground last Sunday…
And even though we experienced a bit of hail and a flake of snow here and there this past week…

I decided to start planting some of my garden today.

I planted a row of raddishes, a row of cabbage, a row of carrots, and a 1/2 row of spinach– I will turn the spinach into a full row when all of it sprouts.

I figure since they are pretty much cool weather plants that I would go ahead and take the gamble and see what happens. More snow??

I wish I would have only planted a half row of cabbage and then complete the row when the first half sprouts to allow for better usage of produce. Since the reality is what am I going to do with a bunch of heads of cabbage all at one time? Oh well.

The 2009 garden has begun!
More to planting to come….

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