I planted some seeds into the garden yesterday….


I woke up this morning and there was no snow on the ground; unlike last Sunday morning….

So I did it– I made the commitment to it being Spring!
I took the studded tires off of my bicycle, and put back on my regular bike tires.

I had previously procrastinated when I had considered making the switch. A procrastination that paid off –unlike many procrastinative moments. (procrastinative? is that even a word? it is now.) But my earlier procrastinations proved fortuitous because snow followed on both occassions.

But now I have made my stand with Spring– I have committed my bike commute to the cause of Springtime.

I hope I made the right decision…

Regret vs Procrastination–which is the prefered option?

3 Responses to “commit”

  1. Fr. John Says:

    While I napped between services today, my wife committed to spring by cleaning out her flower beds. It seems the tulips committed several days ago as they have already come up an inch or so. Blessings.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I too am pondering when to start planting; we have been known to have snow and pretty heavy frosts till the end of April, so I may delay my planting till the last weekend of April………

  3. mikewen Says:

    I noticed my spinach and peas are starting to peekaboo. I planted them before the snow. I think we’re often more defined by our regrets than anything else, so anything to help out in the front has gotta be a good thing, right??

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