everything is amazing, nobody is happy

This afternoon I spent time with Compadre David.
Good times.

In the course of our conversation we touched on the topic of the phrase “be kind rewind.” How it used to be that video stores wanted you to rewind your video tapes before you returned them. (i dont know if they still do that, i currently get all my movies from Netflix or the library) David reminded me that some stores even would charge you if you did not rewind the tape.
And now… with DvDs, there are some people who will never know the phrase “be kind rewind.”

Does anyone even rent video tapes anymore?

When I returned home I saw that my friend Catherine had sent me a link to a an interview with Louis CK on Conan O’Brien’s TV show. His words resonated with me… maybe “bits” like this are a sign that I am old… I don’t know.

As I hear Louis CK talk about highspeed internet available on a plane I was reminded of a time I went to the Walla Walla Public Library.
There was a sign on the door of the library that the internet was not available on the library computers that day. I overheard a woman say “No internet… Why did they even bother opening?”


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