As a parent… as a dad…
I can provide an environment…
I can provide the example…
I can attempt to teach and pass on the Christian faith to my children…
But left to my own devices I cannot guarantee success in my endeavors.

As a parent I need God.
My children need God.
And so I must run. I must run aware of my many shortcomings. I must run to God and pray–
Pray for my children.
Pray for my wife.
Pray for myself.
And at the same time be open that God may wish to use me to answer my prayers.
I must must remain aware that any love and devotion that my children have is only by the work and grace of God.


One Response to “parenting”

  1. David S Says:

    HI PapaH,

    This is very thought provoking… may I repost this?

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