how to treat people


“Showing love for people–The rich and poor, the learned and the simple, officials and non-officials, the righteous (if such people indeed exist) and the sinners, the Orthodox and the non-Orthodox, as well as non-Christians and even heathens– was for Fr. Isidore just as necessary as breathing.”

From the book ‘Salt of the Earth’ by St. Paul Florensky

I recently came across some words, in this same vein, words that I had written down a while ago after reading them on another blogsite; unfortunately I do not know who the quote is attributed to.:

“Being completely present to people may be the greatest kind of love we can give them. For in a strange way, we are giving them our whole attention. Perhaps this is the most real way to value a person as a human being — to really be with him and take him seriously as he is. A single such contact may change the whole direction of a life. So, descend with the mind into the heart to be completely present not only to God but also to people. It is a great act of love.”

Both quotes are good words.
Now the challenge for me is to practice them.


2 Responses to “how to treat people”

  1. David S Says:

    “Few words, much love. To all. No matter who they are. ” – Gerontissa Gabrielia

  2. layne(herman) Says:

    Good quote David!

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