I have begun our garden. So far I have planted Cabbage, Radish, Carrot, Spinach, Snow Pea, and Potato. I have also added some mixed flower seed near the Cabbage, and also near the backside of our shed.

I keep waiting for the temps to warm up a bit more before planting some Tomato and Bell Pepper seeds. I am doing this because last year it took so long to warm up that my Bell Pepper really had a hard time… although they did give me one pepper–which Andrew picked in it’s botanical infancy and then tossed on the ground.

But this coming week I think I will take a gamble and plant some Tomato, Bell Pepper, and Corn seeds.

I have been using lawn clippings to mulch the garden paths. Visually I like the look. Functionally, I hope it will help to keep weeds down and then in the Fall I will turn it over into the soil and help enhance the soil for next year’s garden.

Andrew and I painted the main posts used in the supports for the Snow Peas. Giving the garden some early colour and character. A part of gardening for me is the fun of doing in, and these posts are a part of that.

I have also placed some sticks in the garden for the dragonflys that I hope will return again this year. The past two years I have enjoyed watching the dragonflys come to the garden, sit on the sticks and then fly up and eat bugs that are flying about.

I have also started a second compost pile. Our original compost pile has served as a location to dump household compostable wastes, but because it is always working it has made using the compost an ify venture. By adding a second compost pile, I hope to let the original compost area finish up, and then use it.

Another idea that I am playing with is to start working in the backyard. This morning as I took a mid-Service walk with Andrew I saw two houses near our Church that made me think of English Cottages… I liked the look, and have begun to look at some websites that feature Hobbit gardens. I am toying with the idea of using that idea as an inspiration for our backyard; not that our yard will look like some English cottage garden (a look that is too busy for me) but mearly an inspirational tool to move forward. Perhaps I will look at various European garden styles and mesh it together… after all, aren’t we Americans (i.e. United State-ians) Euromutts? But for the moment I am looking at the English.

Years ago, I found the program Northern Exposure to be inspirational in how I wanted my yard to look.

Various things can serve as inspiration, which we then tweak to our own style. I know a Priest who made the comment about Serbia being a look he was going for regarding the fences in his yard.

It is all fun. Functional fun; and in the case of the garden itself: Functional and edible fun.

UPDATE: After work I planted some more seeds in the garden. I planted:
+Spinach–completing my row.
+3 rows of Sweet Corn–a variety called Ruby Queen Hyprid; the kernels are a ruby colour.
+A row of Bell Peppers (California Wonder Pepper aka Pimiento Maravilla de California)–although it still is not consistently warm enough, I am going to go ahead and take a gamble.
+2 rows of Sweet Salad Mix: Mesclun Lettuce.
+And a row of Zinnia.


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