The Hunt for Gollum

I have a confession- I have never read any of Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories, and I have never seen any of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films. Not that I am opposed, or that I do not have an interest in reading (or seeing) them… As a matter of fact– I even have the books here in our house; it is just that so far… I haven’t.

(side note: Maybe I should consider getting the books on CD from our library…. I know it is not the same thing as actually reading the books; which is the root of my opposition to books on CD. But if I listen to the books on CD, at least I will have my foot in the door.)

On the other hand I have read the entire ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series–hopefully that counts for something in the Middle Earth. And so from that platform I share that the fans of Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories might enjoy ‘The Hunt for Gollum’:

One of the email services that I receive is called ‘The Daily Dose.’ This morning, information was sent about a free online movie called ‘The Hunt for Gollum.’

Doug Levy, for the Daily Dose, wrote:

Fan-made film taken to new levels

Director Chris Bouchard’s The Hunt for Gollum revisits the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy with a glimpse at a previously unseen part of the tale.

The results belie the miniscule budget. Bouchard made the 40-minute film for just a few thousand dollars, employing makeshift camera equipment, orchestra synthesizers, and volunteer digital animators. Most of the cast and crew — roughly 160 in all — donated their time after realizing the extent of the undertaking.

Familiar faces abound. The film follows Aragorn’s quest to track down the titular ring-craving creature, also featuring appearances from Gandalf, Arwin, and other LOTR characters. The actor portraying Aragorn bears more than a passing resemblance to Viggo Mortensen, while the wizard is a dead ringer for Ian McKellen.

It’s available to watch for free. In order to steer clear of potential problems with movie studios and the Tolkien estate, the filmmakers agreed to make the production completely nonprofit, meaning that the final result is yours to enjoy in its entirety free of charge.

To see the film visit the ‘Hunt for Gollum’ website:


5 Responses to “The Hunt for Gollum”

  1. Belladonna Says:

    Holy Cow – this is FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing.

    I am really, REALLY suprised you have not read The Hobbit. Knowing you as I do I would swear your soul had spent time in Middle Earth.

  2. mike Says:

    Thanks! I always figured you as somebody with hair on his feet…you certainly exhibit other Hobbit-like qualities…

  3. layne(herman) Says:

    What I know of Middle Earth via Narnia and my walkings around (but not yet in) Tolkien, I like the Middle Earth stuff.

    “Hobbit like qualities…” Is that a good thing?

    I am guessing I am going to have to enter Tolkien’s writings… but currently I am reading ‘Survivor’ by Chuck Palahniuk.

    Is it a wimp way out to enter Tolkien’s world via CD book? Or are his writings best experienced through the pages first?

  4. mike Says:

    “Hobbit-like” is a good thing. : )

    Hobbits like good food and drink. They love friends and good parties. In fact, when a hobbit has a birthday, the tradition is to give presents away to all of your friends. So, if you are a hobbit with many friends, you would probably get presents from someone fairly often. I could go on and on, but you should experience them firsthand. Reading — or hearing the story read — I don’t think it matters.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Wow, thanks for posting this !

    I have read the books but not seen the films, though my eldest rave about them, so I will send them the link for the new filmlet..

    Read “The Hobbit”; you will enjoy it !

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