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reflections on my past work week

July 24, 2009

As I sat in my garden today, during the late afternoon/early evening hours, I noticed the wind softly blowing leaves in the trees. I observed that our garden was protected from wind by the bushes, fence, and shed.

My thots wandered to my past workweek (I am a Correctional Officer -the p.c. term for Prison Guard.)

I recalled how an inmate shared with me this week, about how a member of his family (I think it was his Mom… or maybe an Aunt) grew a pot plant and would put a fan by it in order to strenthen it’s roots.

I was not raised like that at all.

Although I did have one friend who grew, with his parents awareness, a marijuana bush. One evening he was busted for pot and his parents dug up his bush and sold it to his uncle for $100.