about me

at my birth i was given the name: layne.

i was dubbed by a friend: “papa herman.” (my Patron Saint is St. Herman the Wonderworker of Alaska.) it is not uncommon for those who are Orthodox Christians to take the name of their Patron as their own.

general interests include (but are not limited to): Christianity, Saints, etymology, nag champa, dumpster diving, notes found in books, punk rock, gypsies, coffee, cemetaries, nomadic peoples, prisons, India, composting, fish hatcheries, freak shows, cultural anthropology, treehouses, thrift stores, tea, creative people, subcultures, yurts, Russia, sustainability, bike messengers, bats, the colour green, patchouli, weather, Orthodox Icons, mix tapes, Serbia, snake handlers, toys with character, bookstores, empty buildings, yard sales, climbing trees, the ramblings of unknown street philosophers, mixed media art, the American (gothic) South, history, music, graffiti art, ravens, crows, Eastern Europe, guitar feedback, abandoned vehicles, Steve Buscemi, religion, digging holes, wandering around, tide pools, buffaloes, and interesting conspiracy theories


9 Responses to “about me”

  1. Mike Says:

    I’ve meant to say I enjoy your writing. Don’t always agree with your comments, but what the hell, that’s what makes life interesting. Look forward to getting to know you better now that we’ve joined the church. And now that I’m inside the door, I must say I am wondering how a good, I mean, bad, little Christian boy of the western, American, Evangelical protestant persuasion ended up there. Talk about a stranger in a strange land. Or maybe a Christian in an orthodox land. We’ll have to see where it goes.

  2. Barbara-Marie Drezhlo Says:

    You sound like a perfect candidate for Fr Sergei Rybko’s parish in Bibirovo (a working-class suburb of Moscow). Last Easter, the punk rockers rang the bells and the bikers came en masse to services (with icons on their handlebars! I would have paid good money to see that!). The babas loved it! Oh yes, he also runs a rock club, and can you believe that over 1,200 people came to the chalice at Easter? He’s proud that he is a former hippie (and why not? three cheers for the unconventional!), and his bishop blesses eveything he does.


  3. Steve Says:

    Thanks for your message on MySpace. You are welcome to visit my blogs: Notes from underground, Khanya and Methodius’s LiveJournal

  4. Belladonna Says:

    Hey Papa H – i just linked over to the OLD blogspot weeding out URL to find something i had remembered was there….HUH? All those lovely links are GONE and something unrecognizable (but with a dinstinct Orthodox flavor) is in its place. What gives?

  5. Don Says:

    I’m enjoying this blog! Keep up the good work!

  6. jacquiephelan Says:

    very touched that you put me on yr list of get yr blog on….cheers (and greetings from a lonely person in Edinburgh, 2 months away from home)

  7. Amelpelay Says:

    Good writing:D Will definitely visit soon…

  8. offbeatmodestdress Says:

    stumbled on your blog when looking for a pic of a pogo stick (great post and links on that, thanks!) and hey, here you are, also Orthodox, also a Northwesterner … but with a very cool blog.

    I’ll be baaaaack.

    Thanks for cheering up my mid-night Net ramblin’

  9. Dima Says:


    Here’s more on Father Sergiy for you 😉

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