a phrase that vegans should avoid

Today it dawned on me that one of the phrases that vegans should not use is “saved my bacon.”

Why would a vegan want anyone to save their bacon? I mean, a vegan doesn’t even eat bacon, so why would they want it saved?

Now if they were to say “Saved my tofurky” then that would make sense or “Saved my green beans” then that would be okay too.
But “Saved my bacon.” Nah. They should not use that phrase.

Also, vegans should not drink those energy drinks with taurine.
Taurine comes from beef.

These are just some of the thots that run through my head.
Be thankful that you do not live in my skin.


3 Responses to “a phrase that vegans should avoid”

  1. normalslife Says:

    I guess it could be seen as the vegan practice of rescuing (“saving”) bacon (“pigs”). This morning, I saved some bacon by eating soyrizo.

    Along the same lines of phrases animal rights activists should not use:
    – More than one way to skin a cat
    – Can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one
    – Sufferin’ snakes
    – In the dog house (where’s the poor dog going to sleep?!?)

  2. norman Says:

    ‘ll have to pass that on to two of my daughters who are recent Vegan converts (much to much chagrin to myself and my son who have to sneak away for bacon burgers!)

  3. Michael Says:

    The phrase would make perfect sense if that vegan happened to be a talking pig.

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