more than a hole in the ground

After reading about the earthen hut (barabara- semisubterranean dwelling built of logs covered by sod) that St. Herman of Alaska lived in, I thot it would be cool to try and dig one-of-sorts out in the garden area at our house a couple of years back.
I tried to get my son Becket to buy into the idea.
I guess I thot I could kind of hang out-monk out in it when curious animals were not around in it to freak me out.

Needless to say, I got a wee bit of a hole dug, and no more. Although I imagined how I would need to provide some support for it and etc.


Recently I came across an online video featuring the cool digs (literally) of the man behind the Moonlight Chronicles: Dan Price.
Pretty cool stuff. Check it our here.

It would be fun to have something like Dan Price has in the backyard.


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